1. How much does a consultation cost?

We are proud to offer a free, one-hour consulation for new and existing clients. We can assist you in portfolio reviews, tax strategies, budget planning, and goal setting to get you on the right track to financial success and independence. Call 909-406-1144 to schedule an appointment. 

2. What should I bring to my meeting?

If you would like us to review your current investments, we recommend bringing the most recent account statements you may have. Additionally, bring a valid ID or driver's license. If you don't have any paperwork to bring -- no problem! We're happy to meet with you and assess how we might be a good fit for your investment needs.  

3. What if I already have a financial advisor?

In the midst of a pandemic and market instability, many investors are seeking a fresh perspective. That's why we at Cornerstone Christian Wealth Management offer a free Second Opinion Service (S.O.S.) for the friends and family of our clients. Those who may already be working with a financial professional benefit from this service by receiving a second opinion on their investments at no cost or commitment. 

4. Is there a minimum account value to become a client?

We don't believe in an account value threshold; just an attitude threshold. We want to work with those who are motivated to improve their financial conditions and are open to being coached. While much of our business entails high net worth asset management, our mission is to provide comprehensive financial services to those who need it -- meaning that we are equally as dedicated to our young professional clients, new families, and those just starting their investment journey.

5. I've never worked with a financial advisor. What should I expect?

At Cornerstone Christian Wealth Management, we take a holistic approach to financial planning, bringing into consideration your time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial goals. We meet with our clients on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis depending on the client's preference. In the meantime, we're always accessible by phone or email. 

6. Can I schedule a phone meeting?

Absolutely. We offer Zoom meetings, phone consultations, or in-person meetings at our office. Just specify what you prefer when you book a free consultation with us.