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"Providing professional investment services and financial advice with a Christian worldview.

Honoring God in our actions, words and deeds; helping you focus on the goals most important to you."

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At our firm, our mission is simple: To learn more about you, understand your needs, wants, and goals, and help you identify the personal finance strategies that may improve your lifestyle today and seek to provide the foundation for a sound retirement in the years ahead.

We understand today's financial environment. We understand that individuals face unique challenges as they prepare for retirement. And we can help take the mystery out of preparing for tomorrow.

Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, our personalized service focuses your needs, wants, and long-term goals.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in financial services. We can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. We look forward to working with you.



Working With Us


Cornerstone Christian Wealth Management focuses on uncovering and understanding the needs and opportunities of our clients. We center on biblical stewardship principles and professional investment advice.

At our initial meeting, we will review your current holdings and budget, or help to initiate a budget. We assist in designing a road map toward these goals. Goals may be retirement, college funding, investments, real estate purchases, legacy or charitable gifting, or other financial plans of great importance to you.

We will monitor your progress in our reporting system and review the results at our meetings. We recommend quarterly meetings the first year and bi-annually going forward. You are free to request any additional meetings or reviews as needed, and your account information is available to you at all times on your mobile device though LPL's AccountView app.

Free Second Opinion Service (S.O.S.)


In the midst of a pandemic and market instability, many investors are seeking a fresh perspective. That's why we at Cornerstone Christian Wealth Management offer a free Second Opinion Service (S.O.S.).

Those who may already be working with a financial professional benefit from this service by receiving a second opinion on their investments at no cost or commitment.

We are proud to offer a free, one-hour consultation for new and existing clients. We can assist you in portfolio reviews, tax strategies, budget planning, and goal setting to get you on the right track to financial success and independence.

Professional Portfolio Management


Ever tried to time the market, felt buyer's remorse, or anxiously watched your stocks go up and down?

From lawyers to engineers to teachers to medical professionals, our clients have busy lives. Investing should be one less thing to worry about. Taking into account our your age, risk category, and investment experience, we focus on the goal of making sound investments for our clients so that you can focus on what you do best.

Our professional team of advisors continually manages our client portfolios, watching for risks, momentum, and warning signs in the market. Discover our process by scheduling an appointment with us.

Are You a California Business Owner?


California has recently established its own state-run retirement plan. The plan has been mandated for use by business owners with 5 or more employees who otherwise do not offer a retirement plan benefit program for their employees, such as a 401(k), SIMPLE IRA or SIMPLE 401(k).

Now is the time to discuss this program and what it means for your business. We can help guide you through your options and help you decide what's best for you and your employees. Here are some frequently asked questions being asked by employers like you:

1. What is CalSavers?

In 2016, Senate Bill 1234 was passed, requiring the state to develop a workplace retirement savings program, known as CalSavers, for private sector workers whose employers do not offer a retirement plan. State law protects employers from any liability or fiduciary responsibilities to the plan.

2. Who is required to implement the CalSavers program?

Employers with five or more employees who do not provide a retirement plan for their workers must register for CalSavers and facilitate employee contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts by June 30, 2022.

3. Do I have to use the CalSavers program?

No. We can assist you in establishing your own employee retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or SIMPLE IRA, or SIMPLE 401(k) to satisfy this requirement.

4. Reasons to establish your own Employee Retirement Plan:

  • The CalSavers program does not allow for employers to make contributions on behalf of their employees. In a competitive labor market, this limits your flexibility and takes away your ability to offer an attractive retirement plan benefit to employees you are trying to recruit.
  • The CalSavers managers will pick the investment options, which may be different from what you and a financial professional might choose.
  • Employee contributions are limited with the CalSavers program. It only allows a maximum contribution of $7,000 in 2024, compared to $23,000 for a 401(k) or $16,000 for a SIMPLE IRA or SIMPLE 401(k). (Not including catch-up contributions).
  • While there is no cost to employers for participating in the CalSavers program, it does not offer the employer any tax credits, which you can get by offering a 401(k) plan. For example, starting a 401(k) plan currently allows employers up to a $500 tax credit in each of the first three years.

Are you worried about the extra work and time commitment necessary to sponsor a workplace retirement plan such as a 401(k)? We can help you you review your options -- focusing on very cost effective solutions that can help minimize your administrative burdens and fiduciary risk. Schedule a meeting with us today.


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